S.C. UPRUC POL S.A. has specialized itself in producing and selling a large array of polyester tanks and products for it’s customers coming from a diverse background of activites such as the food industry, the chemical industry, water treatment, agriculture, photochemistry and constructions. The company was founded in 2000 and continues the tradition created by S.C. UPRUC S.A. in the production of products from polyesteric resins armed with fiberglass also known under the commercial brand of POLSTIF. The company can produce 1000 tons per year.

Our company produces horizontal tanks, vertical tanks, vertical tanks with a flat bottom and cisterns, we also produce water treatment systems like sand separators, mineral oil separators, IMHOFF septic tanks, total oxygenation systems and offer our clients a high grade of customization and a wide array of product features, for more information please visit the Products page.

Our equipment permit the fabrication of our products through diverse procedures like manual application, mechanical pulverization, filament winding and cold pressing.